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Biden's Broadband Bust

The Problem(s) with Poles

By James Erwin If you want to make any telecom expert’s fingers curl, mention pole attachments. It is an incredibly niche policy area, but exorbitant pole attachment fees and burdensome terms from municipally-owned poles could undermine federal broadband deployment efforts, possibly wasting billions of taxpayer dollars. If Congress and the…


FCC Enforcement Bureau Classifies Royal Tiger as First Repeat Robocall Bad Actor Under New Classification System

By Jason Lee Yesterday, the FCC’s Enforcement Bureau unveiled a new classification system called the Consumer Communications Information Services Threat (C-CIST). The system will be used to label repeat offenders violating laws against illegal robocalling. On the same day, the FCC applied the C-CIST label for…


FCC Should not Reward RDOF Failure

By James Erwin The Rural Digital Opportunity Fund (RDOF) is not quite a punchline among broadband advocates, but its shortcomings have long been apparent. Deadlines are often blown, tax dollars routinely wasted, and consumers largely left unsatisfied. Of the $9.2 billion awarded through RDOF over 10 years, over $2.8 billion…