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FCC to Vote to on Repurposing the 5.9 GHz Spectrum for expanded WiFi Operations and Automotive Safety

By Katie McAuliffe WASHINGTON – Yesterday FCC Chairman Ajit Pai announced that the Commission will vote on new rules at their November meeting to repurpose 5.9 GHz spectrum to allocate additional spectrum for use by unlicensed devices like WiFi.   If the rules were approved by the Commission, the…


Preconceived Conclusions Coming out of House Antitrust Hearings

by Isabelle Morales On Thursday, October 1, the House Subcommittee on Antitrust, Commercial, and Administrative Law held a hearing entitled, “Proposals to Strengthen the Antitrust Laws and Restore Competition Online.”   Chairman David N. Cicilline began the hearing by describing big tech companies as the kind of monopolies we last saw…


Reminder: Wholesale aka Nationalized 5G is not the Path We Should Go Down

By: Noah Vehafric The race to adopt new powerful, 5G technologies continues around the world. And the desire to reach the 5G finish line keeps reviving a hideous idea: creating a national 5G network. Just recently the Pentagon released a request for information looking into the possibility of running such a network. So let’s remind ourselves why this is not the…