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Keep Government out of App Stores

By: Katie McAuliffe Mobile app stores should not be the subject of an antitrust investigation. The focus of antitrust should be and has been focused on consumer welfare, not preferencing one competitor over another. Some companies trying to take advantage of new found antitrust zeal to expand their bottom line,…

Biden's Broadband Bust

Biden Kicks Municipal Broadband Dead Horse

By: Noah Vehafric President Biden announced his “American Jobs Plan” – a two trillion dollar spending package meant to target all sorts of infrastructural issues. Here at Digital Liberty we are taking the magnifying glass to see how the President’s Plan will impact technology and broadband.  Biden’s plan “prioritizes…


Antitrust Spillover Has Already Begun

By Noah Vehafric At the recent House Antitrust Subcommittee hearing, Congressman Ken Buck (R-CO) said that the proposals to change antitrust law which are under consideration by the subcommittee would not apply to the entire economy. Unfortunately, that’s just not true. At that same hearing, Commissioner of the…