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Hearings & Legislation

Senate Commerce Tackles Biden Telecom Picks

Today the Senate Commerce Committee held a markup and nomination hearing to consider multiple of Biden’s nominations for key positions in the Department of Commerce, the FCC and others who will be instrumental in implementing the administration’s telecommunications policies. First Round: Votes! The Committee began with a vote on…


A Cybersecurity Wakeup Call?

By: Noah Vehafric A top Pentagon IT official resigned last month, warning that China is on pace to overtake the U.S. in key areas of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and cybersecurity.    Nicolas Chailan was the inaugural Chief Software Officer (CSO) for the U.S. Air Force. This position was created…


The SHOP SAFE Act Jeopardizes Privacy

By: Noah Vehafric Congress wants to crackdown on counterfeit goods at the expense of your privacy. Doing business online may about to become a lot riskier if the SHOP SAFE Act becomes law. The SHOP SAFE Act requires that platforms collect a proof of address from sellers on their platforms.


Where is the Final FCC Nomination?

By: Katie McAuliffe The Federal Communications Commission has been without a permanent Chair or a nomination for a fifth commissioner 250 days into Biden’s presidency. With limited days left in this session of Congress, the possibility of republican commissioners controlling the FCC during a democrat presidency becomes increasingly likely.  How…


Do VPN’s Really Protect Your Privacy? 

By: Noah Vehafric Many VPN’s sponsor popular YouTube Creators who claim VPNs prevent your Internet Service Provider from blocking content, throttling speeds, and most importantly prevent your data from being collected by companies and the government. These would all be great features to protect users, but how true are these…