About Us

Digital Liberty is a project of Americans for Tax Reform that advocates for free market technology, telecommunications, and media policy.  Digital Liberty believes that free markets and consumer choice – not state and federal bureaucrats – should determine the American technology and media landscape.

Rapid innovation in the technology and Internet ecosphere has given rise to a vast array of new choices for consumers, but with that comes greater calls for government regulation.  Consumer choice and competition in a free marketplace will ultimately guide business decisions better than legislation or regulation; consumers – not government – are the best regulators of business.

Digital Liberty advocates for a consumer-driven market free from heavy regulation or taxation of the Internet, technology, telecommunications, video games, and media.  We fight to prevent new onerous regulations that will stifle innovation and to eliminate antiquated regulations that hold back the development and adoption of new technology.

Find us at DigitalLiberty.net, or on Facebook and Twitter.