End Discriminatory Wireless Taxes!

Taxes on cell phone and wireless services have skyrocketed to fund state budgets and federal subsidy programs. Today, the average consumer pays a whopping 17 percent in taxes on their wireless bill. Write your member of Congress and call for a tax time-out.

Dotcom Act Approved By Subcommittee

On April 10th, the DOTCOM Act passed out of the House Communications Subcommittee on Communications and Technology. This is the first step in getting a crucial piece of legislation to the floor for votes.

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Patent Reform To Go Before Senate Committee

Leahy's patent reform bill will go before the Senate Judicary Committee on Thursday.  Hopefully the Senate will include provisions similar to the House's patent reform plan to actually give it some teeth.

The Decision to Surrender IANA Will Impact the Free Flow of Global Information

Recently, the Obama Administration has decided that it is our nation’s best interest to relinquish control of the Internet Assigned Number Authority (IANA). This decision means the United States would no longer be able to ensure the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) would be free of influence from countries that notoriously promote internet censorship.

Clearing Up The Netflix – ISP Relationship Confusion

On March 20th, Netflix CEO, Reed Hastings posted on the company’s blog that in these times of constant innovation on the internet, we need to continue the push for net neutrality. He believes that Net Neutrality is essential for the future of prosperity not only for his own company but for the internet as a whole. Responding to this, Jim Cicconi, Senior Executive Vice President-External and Legislative Affairs at AT&T presented a different perspective on this particular debate. Cicconi points out that it seems Hastings is demanding a more efficient way to deliver his product but doesn’t expect to pay for it. 

The Motion Picture Industry's Success Is Also Pirate's Gain

The motion picture industry is thriving, making it even more appetizing for online pirates. 

Homeland Security Says Counterfeiting and Piracy on the Rise

Over $1.7 billion dollars in counterfeit and pirated goods were seized by U.S. officials in FY 2013.  But that's just a drop in the $600 billion dollar bucket. 

Leahy's Patent Reform Falling Short

When the House and Senate reconcile their patent reform bills, they need to keep in mind the principles of heightened pleading, fee shifting, and discovery reform.