End Discriminatory Wireless Taxes!

Taxes on cell phone and wireless services have skyrocketed to fund state budgets and federal subsidy programs. Today, the average consumer pays a whopping 17 percent in taxes on their wireless bill. Write your member of Congress and call for a tax time-out.

Title II Bad For Business, Bad For Consumers

The FCC has been pushed on reclassifying the internet under Title II, the same set of statutes that were used to govern Ma Bell when modern telecommunications was in its infancy in the 1940’s and 50’s. With a name like “net neutrality”, or open internet rules hitting a court wall aka illegal, Title II may sound like a great idea.  It’s being touted as a way to ensure that all data from all sources would be treated equally with no “fast lanes” or pricing discrimination. Who wouldn’t want to make sure the internet was a place where ideas, opinions, services, goods, and information can be freely exchanged?

Back to The Future: How a 2005 CBO Report Will Tell Us The Future

It's best to look at the past to predict the future. The FCC recently imposing auction restrictions on upcoming 600 MHz spectrum which will limit proceeds and spectrum development. A 2005 CBO analyzing unsuccessful restrictions in auction 5, 10, 11, and 22 can shed some light on the future of the FCCs newest auction.

Texan Politicians Push Tax Increase On Internet Sales

Some Texas politicians are supporting a congressional bill that would force online retailers to collect out of state taxes. The bill, the Market Place Fairness Act, would unnecessarily tax Texans and Americans while impeding small businesses ability to enter the e-commerce market.

Opposition to the AT&T and DirecTV merger continues in spite of facts and lower costs

After multiple Senate and House hearings the AT&T and DirecTV merger is one step closer to completion. However, opponents continue to falsely attack the two companies despite the facts showing the benefit of the merger for the American public.

Digital Liberty Executive Director, Katie McAuliffe Takes Action and Submits Net Neutrality Comments

By the breaking of midnight on Friday, over 1,062,000 comments were submitted to the FCC from major tech companies and passionate open Internet believers regarding Net Neutrality. Digitial Liberty's Executive Director, Katie McAuliffe, submitted comments supporting a flourishing digital economy and the need for the FCC to wait for Congressional action.

House of Representatives Votes to Abolish House Votes for a Internet Tax Free

The House of Representatives passed legislation to forever abolish taxation of Internet access and abusive electronic commerce tax rates today.  The Permanent Internet Tax Freedom Act (PITFA), H.R. 3086 provides a permanent ban to any duty on Internet access from state and federal governments and implements nondiscriminatory rates on e-commerce products and services.

Digital Liberty Executive Director Katie McAuliffe Encourages Passing Permanent Internet Tax Freedom

On Monday, July 14th, Executive Director of Digital Liberty Katie McAuliffe, sent a letter to members of the House of Represenatives encouraging them to take action with Permanent Internet Tax Freedom Act.

Digital Liberty Executive Katie McAuliffe writes powerful Op-Ed in support of digital privacy

Digital technology is no longer just a simple pleasure to Americans, but rather a way and function of life. The days of technology have fostered incredible innovation, but also an incredible lack of privacy. This extremely pertinent point was made by Digital Liberty Executive, Katie McAuliffe in an Op-Ed with The Bakersfield Californian published on Sunday, July 6th.