The Hawley-Blumenthal AI Bill Threatens National Security

In short, passing this bill is not only terrible for our economy, but it would also make a Chinese invasion of Taiwan even more likely. The Senate should not only block the bill today, but ensure it never comes close to a vote in the future.

Automation: America’s Key to Future Prosperity

by Rich Sill   Many people are concerned over whether the United States can maintain its global economic dominance, and especially about its influence on the world stage while also concerned about labor shortages in the current job market. Although they may not come to fruition for many years, advancements…

Examining Algorithms’ Effects on Online Biases

The event was the second in a series of panel discussions Brookings is hosting on bias in artificial intelligence (AI), an issue that has garnered increased publicity as AI becomes more and more prevalent in everyday life. Studies show that many AI systems currently in use tend to show bias, most commonly against women and people of color.

AI Front & Center at White House

As technology and Artificial Intelligence reach ubiquity in everyday life, businesses and governments around the world are looking for ways to make these services increasingly beneficial to consumers.