As the Telecommunications Act Turns 19, Coalition Calls for an Update

As the Telecommunications Act Turns 19, 

Coalition Calls for an Update

Back to the Future II made Better Predictions 

than the 1996 Communications Act

Many of the tech marvels we enjoy were released within the past few years. They rely on the omnipresent wired and wireless broadband connections that link to the global network we have all come to depend on. Yet these miraculous pieces of technology are regulated under the Telecommunications Act of 1996.  The 1996 Act mentioned pay phones more than it mentioned the Internet!

For the past two years Americans for Tax Reform and Digital Liberty have used twitter campaigns, #17yrsAgo and #18yrsAgo, to promote the need for a Communications Act Update.  This year, we are at it again!

  • The actual Anniversary is Sunday, February.
  • On Twitter we will be using the hashtags #19yrsago and #CommActUpdate, gearing up on Thursday the 5th and will hit our full stride Friday the 6th
  • As 2015 is the setting of the prophetic film Back the Future IIwe are bringing a DeLorean to the Hill on February 5!
  • Grover will be tweeting the DeLorean locations, so join us for a photo and see who else stops by for a photo op with the iconic time traveling vessel.
  • Katie McAuliffe, Federal Affairs Manager at Americans for Tax Reform and Executive Director of Digital Liberty will accompany the car and will be available for interviews and comments this week.