Senate Rejects Resolution to Overturn Net Neutrality

Yesterday afternoon, the Senate voted to uphold the FCC’s Net Neutrality rules in a 52-46 party-line vote. The Senate Democrats’ neglect to uphold their branch’s power of legislating by allowing these  legally dubious, bureaucratically crafted regulations to proceed shows just how little politicians are willing to stand up against job-killing and unnecessary regulations. Worse, the rules rely on legal footing that – if left unchecked – could be interpreted to permit the FCC to regulate virtually any aspect of the Internet ecosystem.

Fortunately, Net Neutrality faces a strong lawsuit, which represents a more likely attempt to halt their implementation. A suit filed by Verizon is being considered in the D.C. Court of Appeals — a court which has already thrown out the FCC’s case for Net Neutrality once before.

As of now, the Net Neutrality rules are set to go into effect on November 20.