Katie McAuliffe Submits Comments to the FCC on H.B 2482

Digital Liberty's Katie McAuliffe submitted her comments to the FCC regarding the Chattanooga Electrical Power Board's attempts to push the FCC to preempt state laws that would prevent it from expanding its already failing municipal broadband experiment.

McAuliffe points out that municipal broadband programs compete unfairly against the private providers that are often already in place by being funded with tax dollars, thus making them able to severely undercut private providers.

She also highlights the wastefulness of spending tax money to build and maintain municipal broadband infrastructure and use it to compete with the multi-billion dollar networks of private competitors.

Competition in the broadband market is already vibrant, 95% of Americans are already connected, private providers have low-income options available, and millions are invested into improving private sector broadband each year,

McAuliffe argues, "why should the government try to fix what isn't broken?" You can read her full comments to the FCC here.