#18YrsAgo Debuts on Buzzfeed!

On Thursday Digital Liberty made its debut on Buzzfeed to commemorate the Communications Act’s 18th birthday!  Flash back to 1996 where floppy disks and Nintendo 64 were the latest and greatest technologies and people actually enjoyed doing the Macarena at weddings.

If that’s any indication that times have changed, it’s clear that the Communications Act is just as outdated when the word ‘payphone’ occurs more times than the word ‘Internet’.

The Telecommunications Act of 1996 desperately needs an update if the United States is to remain a world leader in technological innovation.  We cannot continue to let the outdated regulations of the past drag down America’s future. 

If we were able to move past hair scrunchies and choker necklaces accessorizing our outfits, we can certainly move past outdated regulations governing our technologies.

Please join us in the campaign to update the Telecom Act!  Check out Digital Liberty’s Buzzfeed article and tumblr, and join the conversation on twitter with #18yrsago and @DigitalLiberty.