5G gets “Chicken Littled” Again this time by the FAA; New OpEd in Real Clear Markets:

Digital Liberty Executive Director Katie McAuliffe published a new OpEd in Real Clear Markets detailing the latest spectrum turf war between the FAA and 5G. 

Spectrum is a finite resource whose demand is ever increasing. As the U.S. has worked to use its spectrum more efficiently, federal operators will often feel threatened when new kids show up on the block. The most recent agency to call foul is the Federal Aviation Administration who is playing the old “planes will fall out of the sky” card claiming 5G might interfere with airplane altimeters. 

Now is not the time to relitigate this issue. We know that 5G is safe to use in the C-Band. The FAA needs stop holding up the deployment of next-generation technologies. You can read the full OpEd HERE:

Photo credit: “West Jet 737” by John McAruthur licensed for free use.