The Telecom Act hasn’t been Updated in 17 years, What’s Changed Since Then?

This Friday, February 8th is the 17th anniversary of the Telecommunications Act of 1996. To call attention to the need to modernize outdated telecommunications law, Digital Liberty is encouraging Twitter users to tweet about how much technologies have changed in the last 17 years by using the hashtag #17yrsago throughout the day. The hope is not only to foster a discussion about how much technologies have changed, but also show why modernized communications laws are needed.

For instance, one might tweet:
#17yrsago Steve Jobs wasn't back at Apple
#17yrsago Time Magazine Referred to Internet users as "cybernauts"
#17yrsago I had to send Congress snail mail to make my voice heard

Obsolete laws stifle innovation and ultimately hurt consumers. We hope you will participate in demonstrating just how different our lives are today thanks to modern technologies!

For now I'll leave you with this bit of nostalgia, which may really bring home how far behind the future the FCC is.