Free Press Holds National Conference for Media Reform, Promoting Regulation of Internet and Media

A number of media, press, technology activists and reporters gathered in Boston this past weekend at the National Conference for Media Reform, held by the organization Free Press.  Ironically, the conference promoting Internet innovation and freedom featured guest speakers from Susan Crawford, former Science, Technology, and Innovation Policy advisor for the Obama administration, to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

As if the lineup of presenters does not speak for itself, Susan Crawford made the agenda quite clear in her frightening declaration, referring to communication companies:

 “Unfortunately the world where regulating these guys into to an inch of their life is exactly what  needs to happen."

The conference was yet another gathering of radical organizations intent on pushing an anti-free market agenda and promoting absolute regulation of media and the Internet.  The weekend conference – and Crawford’s quote – is a telling indication by left-wing activists of their determination to gain more power, under the guise of promoting freedom and innovation of technology, media, and the Internet.