Defund NPR

While businesses in the private sector have been forced to cut well over 2 percent of their budgets during this economic downturn, National Public Radio can’t seem to live without the 2 percent of it’s budget that comes from taxpayer subsidies.

Tomorrow, Congress will begin consideration of H.R. 1076 to defund National Public Radio.  This will end the over $100 million in annual taxpayer subsidies, leaving this money in the private economy.  There are a multitude of reasons to support defunding NPR.  It is yet another massive spending program that contributes to our $14 trillion debt.  It creates a competitive disadvantage for other broadcasters who exist without such subsidies.  It shatters the notion of an independent media necessary in a free country.

Whatever your reason, CLICK HERE NOW to save taxpayers over $100 million per year and defund NPR.