Internet Freedom: A Matter for Congress

Today, in a joint article for Reuters, Senator John Thune and Representative Fred Upton, expressed their support for the preservation of internet freedom.  Both members of Congress articulated the need for “unambiguous rules of the road that protect internet users and can help spur job creation and economic growth.”

While some have suggested utilizing Title II of the Communications Act to regulate the internet, this would be enormously expensive for taxpayers.  According to a Progressive Policy Institute report, “Using Title II could result in billions of dollars in higher government fees and taxes.”

Grover Norquist and Patrick Gleason wrote an article this week on the dangers of Title II Reclassification. The article explains, “This move would make broadband subject to New Deal-era regulation, and have significant consequences for U.S. taxpayers.”

In the modern age, the issues facing internet freedom are becoming increasingly vast and it is the job of the United States Congress, not a government agency, to create solutions.   Free market participants can and should engage in the policy process that has been shut down for the past few years.

You can read Senator Thune and Representative Upton’s article here.