The SHOP SAFE Act Jeopardizes Privacy

By: Noah Vehafric Congress wants to crackdown on counterfeit goods at the expense of your privacy. Doing business online may about to become a lot riskier if the SHOP SAFE Act becomes law. The SHOP SAFE Act requires that platforms collect a proof of address from sellers on their platforms.

Congress Pays Lip Service to Consumer Data Privacy

By: Katie McAuliffe The Senate Commerce Committee held a hearing entitled “Protecting Consumer Privacy”. This was the first hearing Congress held about this issue in 9 months. The hearing came at a pertinent time with the Federal Trade Commission recently announcing…

Do VPN’s Really Protect Your Privacy? 

By: Noah Vehafric Many VPN’s sponsor popular YouTube Creators who claim VPNs prevent your Internet Service Provider from blocking content, throttling speeds, and most importantly prevent your data from being collected by companies and the government. These would all be great features to protect users, but how true are these…

China Imposes 3 Hour Limit on Video Gaming; Requires Facial Scans

by: Katie McAuliffe Continuing its crack down on tech companies, China’s video game regulator released new rules today that limit video game screen time of children and teenagers to three hours a week under the guise of combating a supposed rising trend of video game addiction.  The draconian…

Senate Republicans Take Another Stab at Data Privacy

According to its sponsors, the COVID-19 Consumer Data Protection Act is meant to answer these questions by providing Americans with “transparency, choice, and control over the collection and use of their personal health, geolocation, and proximity data.