Senators Question Left-Wing Bias at NPR

By Jason Lee

Yesterday, Digital Liberty covered  how momentum is building on the Hill to defund NPR. The piece highlighted a bill, H.R.1632 – NPR and PBS Act, by Texas Congressman Ronny Jackson that had gained traction in the House to defund NPR and PBS after  the resignation of Former National Public Radio Journalist Uri Berliner, who exposed in his bombshell essay that the news coverage in NPR had been captured by far-left influences. 

Yesterday, seven GOP Senators led by Senator Kevin Cramer (R – N.D.) sent a letter to NPR CEO Katherine Maher as covered by Digital Liberty on X, formerly known as Twitter. The letter questioned the objectivity of taxpayer-funded media’s news coverage. The Senators  were also alarmed by Berliner’s observation as they wrote: 

The revelation of an internal culture shift towards a homogenized, decidedly left-leaning editorial stance threatens – or has squelched – the integrity and diversity of thought. As Mr. Berliner pointedly illustrates, the absence of political and ideological diversity within the national newsroom — where registered Democrats overwhelmingly outnumber everyone else — is not just disappointing; it is an ethical failure.

The Senators are requesting NPR “to start a course correction.”  Taxpayers may look forward to the possibility of NPR’s funding getting stripped, as the senators also mentioned: “But as a publicly funded entity, you are responsible for providing impartial coverage that accurately informs all Americans, regardless of political affiliation.”  

There is as yet no news on whether either chamber of Congress will hold a hearing on how far-left slant can seep through the taxpayer-funded outlets NPR and PBS.