NEW POLL: Americans Don’t want to Break Up Big Tech

By: Noah Vehafric

On Friday, February 26, the economic intelligence and research firm Morning Consult published the results of a survey Commissioned by NetChoice to understand how the American public felt the issues of antitrust, big tech, and the need for reform. The results are telling.

The fervor that many members of Congress have to break up big tech and overhaul antitrust law are misaligned with that of the American people.

Antitrust As a Priority Issue

The poll asked Americans to list their top 3 policy areas that Congress should tackle in 2021. Antitrust was at the very bottom – appearing in only 3% of results.

Breaking up Big Tech

At last week’s antitrust hearing, many members of subcommittee asked witnesses about the practice of self-prefencing and whether it was bad. Self-preferencing is the practice of the marketplace selling their own products alongside competitors products. Brick and mortar stores do it with generic products and online retailers like Amazon engage in the practice as well.

Many have called for the practice of self-prefrencing by Amazon to be banned, but the survey revealed 59% of Americans believe that eRetailers should be allowed to sell their own products on their platforms, compared to 15% who said they shouldn’t.

The survey asked Americans if they would support a break up of Google from some of its services like Gmail and Youtube if it meant there were some negative changes to services; such as slower speeds, less regulated content, or having to pay. On average 59% of Americans would oppose breaking up Google if meant changes to their services

The same was done with Amazon and 56% of Americans would oppose breaking up Amazon if it meant certain changes to its services

52% of Americans would also oppose a breakup of Applewhile only 21% would support it.

The results of the survey show that Americans value high quality and low-cost products from American companies. You can read the results in full as well as the breakdown of the response group by Morning Consult HERE