Americans for Tax Reform Files Joint Comments Supporting AT&T’s Petition to Test the IP Transition

The Transition from Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS), the legacy Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) based networks for voice services, to IP based voice services is already happening at the consumer level.  Droves of customers have moved to IP based phone services, like Comcast’s or Verizon’s bundled communications services and Vonage’s as another VoIP alternative. 


Competition these days is robust and based on the service being provided, which means consumers today are able to get voice service from cable, telephone or satellite providers.  For this reason, AT&T’s petition to test the IP transition process should certainly be approved.  AT&T is not requesting a mass transition.  They are requesting to test how they will transition, not the people who are transitioning on their own, but those who are in the 30% who have not transitioned already.


Many issues will arise during the transition.  The goal is not to leave “late-adopters” behind, but to bring them along as smoothly as possible to better communications services.   This is why Americans for Tax Reform filed joint comments in support of AT&T’s petition with the Center for Individual Freedom, the Competitive Enterprise Institute, American Commitment, Institute for Policy Innovation, and the Taxpayer Protection Alliance.  To review our filing click here.