FCC: Communications Workers are Essential

By: Laurel Duggan

The FCC has released a letter urging governors to recognize communications laborers—including cable operators, TV and radio broadcasters, and satellite providers—as essential to the pandemic response.

The letter, written by FCC Chairman Ajit Pai and Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) Director Chris Krebs, asks that states prioritize communications personnel for PPE distribution and other vital resources. It also calls on states to provide online access to government functions such as permitting services in order to facilitate the maintenance of communications infrastructure.

Pai and Krebs encourage government and industry to work together on communications infrastructure improvements and the development of next generation 911 projects.

Communications laborers are the unsung heroes of the coronavirus pandemic. Their work enables 911 calls, telehealth, remote work, and distance learning. Americans should applaud communications workers for keeping us connected, and state governments should give them the tools they need to continue improving our communications infrastructure.

Photo Credit: Gerard Eviston