FCC Approves the T-Mobile/Sprint Merger

By: Bethany Patterson

By approving the T-Mobile/Sprint merger today, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is helping to bridge the digital divide and establish the United States as the global leader in 5G technology. 

T-Mobile and Sprint have committed to build out 5G networks that will reach nearly all Americans. Within three years, T-Mobile and Sprint will create a 5G network that will cover 97 percent of the country’s population, including 85 percent of rural Americans. In six years, this network will cover 99 percent of the nation and 90 percent of rural residents. 

The companies have also committed to provide access to high-speed mobile service. Within six years, 90 percent of Americans will have access to 100 Mbps mobile internet, with 99 percent having access to 50 Mbps speeds. 

This will help connect the millions of Americans without access to fast, reliable broadband. 

In addition, the New T-Mobile will be more fully capable of competing with the top wireless providers, which will incentivize all carriers to build out 5G, improve their services and lower their prices. 

The FCC will monitor the new company to ensure that it fulfills its commitments. If it does not, it could be required to pay over $2 billion, not including additional fines. 

Chairman Ajit Pai, Commissioner Mike O’Rielly and Commissioner Brendan Carr voted to approve the merger, with Commissioners Jessica Rosenworcel and Geoffrey Starks dissenting. 

The merger “would bring the benefits of the next generation of wireless technology to American consumers and advance American leadership in 5G. It would help millions in rural America benefit from high-speed 5G mobile broadband service. And it would promote competition,” Chairman Pai said in his official statement

The T-Mobile/Sprint merger is plays an important role in creating a future of increased connectivity for America. Today, the FCC helped the nation reach that goal.

Photo credit: Mike Mozart (Flickr)