New OpEd in Morning Consult: Antitrust Threats to Fintech

Digital liberty’s Executive Director, Katie McAuliffe, published a new OpEd in the Morning Consult discussing how the Zeal for Antitrust is threatening Finntech. 

The Department of Justice has recently file lawsuit against Visa from acquiring the company Plaid – which is a company that allows users to share their financial account information across multiple services likes PayPal and Acorns. The DOJ is filing this suit out of premature and unfounded worries that this merger might make Visa too powerful one day.  

While The DOJ is making claims against businesses who are expanding into “adjacent lines of business” as posing a threat, what’s for certain is that antitrust litigation itself is starting to move into adjacent industries outside of Big Tech.  

You can read the OpEd HERE 

Photo Credit: Blondinrikard Fröberg