Broadcasting through COVID

By: Katie McAuliffe As the nation continues to face uncertainty in the wake of COVID-19, government needs to be creative in assisting individuals and industry, especially community businesses, without raising taxes or implementing an unending parade of spending increases. This can be done through thoughtful distribution of already appropriated funding. …

Outdated Radio Regs Could Lead to Radio Silence

Since 1996, the FCC has limited how many radio stations an individual or organization can own in a market. These rules have remained the same, even though the media environment has changed dramatically in the past 23 years.

Time to Let the Sun Set on STELAR

STELAR is past its prime, and it’s time for Congress to allow it to sunset. Decades ago, Congress gave satellite TV companies considerably discounted copyright licenses that allowed them to better compete with the huge cable entities of the time through the Satellite Television Extension and Localism Act. These…