Antitrust Expansion is for the Birds

By: Laurel Duggan Four poultry executives were indicted in June on charges of price-fixing. Attentive ranchers blew the whistle about flat prices for livestock despite record profits for meat processors, resulting in Senate investigations. Several other companies are likely to be investigated over these allegations.   Entrenched competitors are now clamoring to…

ETC Regulation Stifles Broadband Expansion

By: Laurel Duggan Innovation has driven transformative change in telecommunications. The government is struggling to keep up. As communications providers expand into unserved areas, a regulation written a full decade before the invention of the iPhone is slowing them down and driving up their costs. The Universal Support Fund (USF) aims…

Deregulation Lets Telehealth Thrive

By: Laurel Duggan At least twenty-three states are temporarily easing regulations on telemedicine in response to COVID-19. There are now more than 500 repealed regulations – including regulations that put up barriers to telehealth and healthcare. The regulations in question prevent healthcare providers from working across state lines; require…

Rising Concern Over Consequences of GDPR

On Tuesday, December 3, 2019, the Law and Economics Center hosted a panel discussion on GDPR, its negative economic effects, and the potential for those effects to impact the economy of the United States.

The FCC Looks into Educational Broadband Spectrum Use

The FCC approved a Report and Order that would remove ownership restrictions and allow auctioning of the 2.5 GHz band’s white space, leading to greater commercial use in the band and technological innovation.