Internet Freedom

Title II Cheat Sheet

Reclassification of broadband as a Title II utility exposes wireline broadband consumers and wireless smart phone users to federal, state, and local Universal Service Fund fees.

Net Neutrality Does Not Equal Internet Freedom

Americans for Tax Reform and Digital Liberty urge the FCC will withstand outside pressure to move forward with rules, especially while Congress is going through the legislative process.

Internet Freedom: A Matter for Congress

In the modern age, the issues facing internet freedom are becoming increasingly vast and it is the job of the United States Congress, not a government agency, to create solutions.   Free market participants can and should engage in the policy process that has been shut down for the past few years. 

The Plea for Electronic Communication Privacy Law Reform

The Email Privacy Act aims to ensure the rights guaranteed to the American people under the Fourth Amendment extend to email and cloud documents.  Updating electronic privacy laws has growing popular and political backing.