Where Politicians Fail, Innovation Delivers

By: Laurel Duggan American innovation has carried us through the pandemic. Tech companies have created solutions to public health emergencies while providing vital support to American businesses. Yet America‚Äôs most successful tech companies are the target of attacks from both sides of the aisle and are viewed with hostility by…

Antitrust Expansion is for the Birds

By: Laurel Duggan Four poultry executives were indicted in June on charges of price-fixing. Attentive ranchers blew the whistle about flat prices for livestock despite record profits for meat processors, resulting in Senate investigations. Several other companies are likely to be investigated over these allegations.   Entrenched competitors are now clamoring to…

What the Federal Trade Commission is Doing to Combat COVID-19 Scams

The FTC has been encouraging people to report scams and has been using this information to track COVID-19 scams. As of April 5, reported losses totaled $8.39 million and the median loss was $574. The most common and most expensive types have been related to travel and vacations.