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Tech & Telecom Networks Support America through COVID-19

Katie McAuliffe Amidst the panic and uncertainty of the Covid-19 crisis, a silver lining has been the resilience shown by the American people. The doctors, nurses, and paramedics fighting Covid-19 on the frontlines are being praised for their public service. However, with resources already stretched thin, medical service workers…

Coming this August: More Broadband for Small Businesses

The House Committee on Small Business Subcommittee on Contracting and Infrastructure met June 25 to hear testimony from a group of rural telecommunications providers on improving the quality of current broadband maps to collect more accurate broadband coverage data.

Getting the Facts Right on the T-Mobile–Sprint Merger

The bottom line is that a merger between T-Mobile and Sprint would help the country—it would close the digital divide and strengthen the nation’s global competitiveness. Instead of muddying the waters with unnecessary lawsuits, we should embrace a future of 5G and increased connectivity.

Why the T-Mobile–Sprint Merger is Good for America

While Chairman Pai’s blessing isn’t an official approval of the merger, it’s one big step forward to realizing the benefits a combined T-Mobile and Sprint—which, if approved, would create a new company, the New T-Mobile—would bring.