Economic Growth

Broadband Expanded to More Americans with Private Sector Investment

By: Noah Vehafric As the COVID-19 pandemic continues into the new year, one of the lessons we can takeaway is how important having access to broadband is. Americans use broadband to work, see healthcare providers and students use it to learn – all from their home. Families and communities without…

Unleashing 5G Potential

By: Laurel Duggan President Trump has announced his plan to make 100 megahertz of mid-band spectrum available for commercial 5G deployment. By enabling widespread adoption of 5G, this will promote innovation and economic opportunity while bolstering our national security.  The administration has collaborated with the Department of Defense to ensure that these…

Better Mapping to Bridge the Digital Divide

By: Katie McAuliffe The FCC estimates that out of a population of nearly 330 million, only  19 million Americans—about 6% of our population—lack access to high speed internet. The lack of access is most highly concentrated in rural areas, where about one-fourth of rural populations are without high-speed fixed internet. Congress and…

Tech & Telecom Networks Support America through COVID-19

Katie McAuliffe Amidst the panic and uncertainty of the Covid-19 crisis, a silver lining has been the resilience shown by the American people. The doctors, nurses, and paramedics fighting Covid-19 on the frontlines are being praised for their public service. However, with resources already stretched thin, medical service workers…

Coming this August: More Broadband for Small Businesses

The House Committee on Small Business Subcommittee on Contracting and Infrastructure met June 25 to hear testimony from a group of rural telecommunications providers on improving the quality of current broadband maps to collect more accurate broadband coverage data.

Getting the Facts Right on the T-Mobile–Sprint Merger

The bottom line is that a merger between T-Mobile and Sprint would help the country—it would close the digital divide and strengthen the nation’s global competitiveness. Instead of muddying the waters with unnecessary lawsuits, we should embrace a future of 5G and increased connectivity.

Why the T-Mobile–Sprint Merger is Good for America

While Chairman Pai’s blessing isn’t an official approval of the merger, it’s one big step forward to realizing the benefits a combined T-Mobile and Sprint—which, if approved, would create a new company, the New T-Mobile—would bring.