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Over the past two years, states and the federal government have sought dramatic influence over our Internet, technology, telecommunications, and media. The FCC moved to regulate the Internet for the first time in history under “Net Neutrality.” Congress and federal agencies are pushing onerous Internet regulations under the guise of protecting online privacy, while ignoring reforms that would protect our 4th Amendment online privacy from government. States across the country want to stifle free speech by replacing “parental controls” on video games with “government controls.” The FCC wants to regulate cell phone billing to supposedly lower bills, while they continue to raise the tax on phone service. The list goes on.

Digital Liberty is dedicated to preserving a free market by pushing back against heavy regulation and taxation of all things Internet, tech, telecom, and media. DigitalLiberty.net will serve as a resource for those who believe in constitutionally limited government by providing news updates and policy briefs on tech issues, sharing research from likeminded organizations, and serving the grassroots who believe that technology and media innovation thrives best when markets are free and individuals are free to choose.

We began in early 2010 to fight the FCC's attempt at regulating the Internet. Now we expand our focus more broadly. Make sure to sign up for our email list, follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and check back regularly.

In Liberty,
Kelly William Cobb
Executive Director