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FTC slaps lip-syncing app with huge fine in COPPA case By Demri Scott | March 06, 2019

As the internet has grown and become increasingly more connected, more and more troves of data are being collected on the websites and apps we use every day. With this data collected, there is a growing concern for consumer data privacy online. 

With the privacy debate heating up, the Federal Trade Commission announced that, the app now known as TikTok, will receive a $5.7 million fine for infringing on the children’s privacy law, COPPA. The fine is the largest monetary settlement the FTC has imposed in a COPPA case.

The app allows users to make their own lip-synced videos to music and to share them with other users. The problem is that, according to the FTC complaint, the operators of the app knew that many users were under 13 and failed to notify parents about the app’s data collection or obtain parental consent before collecting and using the data.

Thousands of parents reached out to the app claiming they didn’t give consent for the app to collect data on their children.

Government Shouldn't Wreck the "Grand Bargain" for Internet Data By Bret Baker | December 05, 2017

The House Subcommittee on Communications and Technology, along with the Subcommittee on Digital Commerce and Consumer Protection, held a hearing on algorithms and their impact on consumers. As citizens' data is increasingly used by companies to improve their services, lawmakers want to have a better idea of what and how this information is used. This unfamiliarity, however, isn’t stopping some from looking to scratch that regulatory itch.

Throughout the hearing, there was bipartisan concern for data protection and the blocking of content online and the First Amendment issues relating to that. Though the hearing was on the impact of algorithms, members of both parties brought up the impact in relation to the FCC’s upcoming vote on the Restoring Internet Freedom Order