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Broadband in Space By Katie McAuliffe | November 14, 2018

America has a goal of connecting everyone to high-speed Internet access with a particular focus on connecting rural areas. Over the last two years, the president and congress have approved additional rural broadband spending and we are likely to see more in the Farm Bill.

We also want more competition in the marketplace so that people have a choice of providers. With 5G wireless will be better able to compete with wireline services.  The FCC is even reducing regulatory barriers for broadband from space.

SpaceX has been the focus in the news, but the FCC is reviewing satellite proposals for broadband from Telesat, LeoSat and Kepler Communications as well.

The FCC’s consideration shows a move to increase market competition for broadband as never before. These approvals are a positive and the FCC has shown diligence in balancing satellite needs with safety for other space mission and the decommissioning of space junk.