Digital Liberty RSS en-us admin_email This is the RSS Feed for Digital Liberty. Digital Liberty Executive Director, Katie McAuliffe Takes Action and Submits Net Neutrality Comments By the breaking of midnight on Friday, over 1,062,000 comments were submitted to the FCC from major tech companies and passionate open Internet believers regarding Net Neutrality. Digitial Liberty&... 2014-07-21 11:44:41 House of Representatives Votes to Abolish House Votes for a Internet Tax Free The House of Representatives passed legislation to forever abolish taxation of Internet access and abusive electronic commerce tax rates today.  The Permanent Internet Tax Freedom Act&nbs... 2014-07-15 16:52:41 Digital Liberty Executive Director Katie McAuliffe Encourages Passing Permanent Internet Tax Freedom On Monday, July 14th, Executive Director of Digital Liberty Katie McAuliffe, sent a letter to members of the House of Represenatives encouraging them to take action with Permanent Internet Tax Free... 2014-07-15 11:01:14 Digital Liberty Executive Katie McAuliffe writes powerful Op-Ed in support of digital privacy Digital technology is no longer just a simple pleasure to Americans, but rather a way and function of life. The days of technology have fostered incredible innovation, but also an incredible lack o... 2014-07-07 16:02:11 US Supreme Court: Aereo May Cease to Exist While Broadcasters Everywhere Rejoice In a landmark decision, the US Supreme Court made a favorable 6-3 decision that Aereo, in the case ABC v. Aereo, was in fact in violation of copy-right laws. This was a success for major broadcaste... 2014-06-27 14:28:21 On the Verge of Innovation: AT&T and DirecTV Merger Siding with a recent consolidation trend in the telecom industry lies a possible merger between AT&T and DirecTV. Both the House of Represenatives and the Senate held hearings with the Judiciar... 2014-06-27 13:10:02 Touchdown or Penalty? The Immediate Implications of the Redskins Trademark Decision In a recent landmark decision, the United States Patent and Trademark Office revoked six federal trademark registrations for the Washington Redskins Football Team. The move to cancel their trademar... 2014-06-18 14:05:48