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Digital Liberty Submits Comments to the FTC Ahead of Hearings

By Demri Scott | August 22, 2018

On August 20, 2018, Digital Liberty submitted comments to the Federal Trade Commission ahead of Hearings on Competition and Consumer Protection in the 21st Century.

In their comments, Digital Liberty highlighted the repeal of Title II regulations at the FCC, international tax laws that threaten innovation in Silicon Valley and the consequences of distorting the market through government intervention and regulation.

The comments detailed that:

“Through methods, anti-trust, consumer harm, and transparency rules, the FTC is already policing versions of net neutrality principles in markets in cases of causing consumer harm. The FTC is best able to protect consumers, while maintaining a competitive market place, and a free and open internet that has evolved and flourished over the last two decades.”

The comments also detail the EU’s war against American tech companies, explaining that:

“The EU’s increasingly protectionist attitude as a whole threatens free market competition abroad and in the US. The laws infringe on US policy individually and as a whole. The attacks at the OECD and through the DST are part of a string of actions, including GDPR, that the EU has taken to undermine competition and American businesses.”

Finally, the comments noted the adverse effects of regulatory impositions on the market, encouraging the FTC to:

“remember that government supported businesses and regulations that protect businesses from competitors negatively affect the economy. Regulations depress the economy, create barriers to new market entrants, and favor incumbent businesses and business models.”

The hearings aim to evaluate changes in a variety of markets, including tech, since 1995 and identify areas for additional study and policy guidance in consumer protection. The Commission invited the public for comments on a variety of topics, ranging from antitrust enforcement to data privacy.

To read more, click here for comments on the repeal of Title II regulations at the FCC, here for comments on international tax laws, or here for comments on the consequences of distorting the market through government intervention.

Photo Credit: faungg