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McAuliffe: New T-Mobile will Ensure Its Investments are Benefiting All Its Customers

By Perry Burton | July 11, 2018

Americans for Tax Reform's Katie McAuliffe, the Executive Director of Digital Liberty and federal affairs manager, wrote an op-ed for The Washington Times that emphasizes the crucial nature of the 5G race and what the T-Mobile and Sprint merger means for global competition:  

"Deployment of 5G networks across America will happen; it is only a matter of when. In order to stay competitive and provide the best services, one way to get there is through the combination of T-Mobile and Sprint into the New T-Mobile."  

According to McAuliffe 5G can have a tremendous effect on agriculture, medicine and the nation's infrastructure allowing, "services in rural America by offering improved broadband coverage, signal quality, and increased network capacity. More coverage, in turn, means more jobs resulting from customer service, building the network and industries using the network."  

McAuliffe argues that to see innovation and growth within the technological industry there must be competition. With this merger, "New T-Mobile will insure its investments in infrastructure create jobs, increase connectivity and produce faster network speeds, benefiting all of its customers..."  

You can read the full article here