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FCC Enacts New 5G Ready Rule.

By Katie McAuliffe | March 22, 2018

Today the FCC voted 3-2 to enact a rule that walks back archaic barriers to next generation networks. To get America 5G ready, FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr announced a plan to remove a major hurdle to 5G deployment. This plan will change FCC rules to exclude small wireless facilities from the environmental and historic review procedures designed for large macrocell deployments. 

Katie McAuliffe, Executive Director of Digital Liberty had the following statement:

Digital Liberty wants to thank Commissioner Brendan Carr for his leadership in making America 5G ready. He has worked diligently to walk back unnecessary regulations that add significant costs that slowed down our infrastructure growth, adding significant costs, and reducing deployment of this critical technology.

We are excited the FCC has passed this rule and cannot wait to see the 5G revolution that happen because of this decision today. Chairman Pai’s FCC is continuing its mission to get government out of the way to be ready for our 5G Future. America must be the leader in 5G. With this rule we are one step closer to being leaders once again in wireless innovation.