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Restoring Internet Freedom Order Entered Into Federal Register

By Katie McAuliffe | February 22, 2018

Today the Restoring Internet Freedom order was entered into the Federal Register, closing the book on the failed Title II experiment.  The FCC has finally taken steps to correct a mistake it made by passing utility style restrictions over the Internet, by returning to the open and transparent internet ecosystem.

The Restoring Internet Freedom Order does little new; it returns jurisdiction to the FTC, and mandates transparency disclosures to empower the FTC to challenge actions by both service and edge providers under it exists consumer welfare standards.


The following can be attributed to Katie McAuliffe, Executive Director of Digital Liberty:


Digital Liberty is relieved that the RIF Order is finally a part of the Federal Register. It is critical that the FCC work with to ensure that consumers are protected. Chairman Pai’s hard work and commitment to restoring a free and open internet in the face of threats and harm is truly commendable. We thank the chairman for his dedication and commitment to restoring internet freedom. 

The FTC is now the cop on the beat once again and is best equipped to handle consumer harm, and anticompetitive disputes that “net neutrality” activists demand protection from. Digital Liberty is excited to see the positive impact the Restoring Internet Freedom will continue to have on the internet ecosystem and the innovation that will come from a return to the light touch regulatory approach.