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Internet Freedom Survives Cyber Bullies

By | December 14, 2017

For years—including throughout much of the Clinton Administration—taxpayers and consumers enjoyed an FCC that for the most part accepted its mission within the confines of the law. Since the Telecommunications Act was passed in 1996, the technology sector flourished and was allowed to innovate as a result of a light-touch regulatory policy.


The previous FCC ignored input from its own economists, stumbling toward a world of Soviet-style government-run regulatory maze with an FCC-mandated toll booth around every corner.


But today, under the leadership of Chairman Ajit Pai, the FCC voted to Restore Internet Freedom, and removed the Title II framework that would hamstring future innovation.


Claims that women’s rights will suffer, communities of color will be vanquished, content will be blocked, and internet communities will shrivel up and die, will prove false, but not before hysteria fueled by such accusations lead to harassment and violent threats. This cyber and real-life bullying has no place in democratic discourse.


The internet will continue to be a free and open space for people to communicate and innovate, thanks to today’s vote at the FCC.