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Digital Liberty Joins Coalition Supporting IP

By Celeste Arenas, Katie McAuliffe | February 21, 2017

Digital Liberty supports intellectual property rights, and recognizes the importance of IP in creating economic growth and fostering world-class innovation. In 2017 the United States continued to rank No.1 for global intellectual property standards, yet our administration can do much more to embed intellectual property in law and practice. 

As such, we joined over 70 other organizations in a letter urging the government to support and uphold intellectual property legislation, preserving the Founding Fathers’ vision and preventing behaviors thatjeopardize American innovation. The letter proposes principles and recommendations to guide the 115th Congress in stewarding intellectual property.

Key points of the letter are summarized below:

Respecting the Constitution:

Intellectual property is enshrined in the Constitution (Article 1, Section 8and in Constitutional provisions (Federalist Papers #43)which give it equal grounding to physical property. The government must maintain this foundational legal precedent.

Recognizing IP as a pillar for free speech, economic growth, employment, consumer choice and national security.

By protecting innovation, intellectual property law stimulates an environment for unlimited creative opportunities. The tangible outcome is the boom of disruptive technology, a $6.6 trillion addition to the value of American GDP, the creation of 45 million jobsand impeccable safety standards for American consumers and military operations.

Properly enforcing penalties against intellectual property theft

Proper enforcement measures must be implemented to mitigate the loss of intellectual property theft. This includes: adding IP provisions in all international trade agreements that cost the US $320 billion consistent law enforcement against counterfeit goods, especially online, and welcoming voluntary initiatives to combat IP theft.