End Discriminatory Wireless Taxes!

As of 2011, approximately 85% of Americans have a wireless device. Over the years, state and local governments have passed excessive and discriminatory taxes on wireless services to fill budget holes. The average American pays over 17% of their wireless bill to various government fees and taxes. That rate is nearly 2.5 times the average general sales tax rate of 7.33% that you would pay on all other goods.

The Wireless Tax Fairness Act was passed by the House, but not the Senate, in 2011 during the 112th Congress. The bill would prevent state and local governments from adding new taxes to specific communications services, like wireless, for five years. This would not prevent across the board tax increases; it would just ban tax increases specifically targeting wireless services.

Write or call your Senators and Representative and tell them to support the Wireless Tax Fairness Act!